Bodo Schäfer has written two international best sellers:

the most successful finance book in the world, which sold over 10 million copies, and the most successful children’s book on money.

His purpose in life is to help other people achieve financial freedom. His books and seminars have helped thousands of people to become rich.

He holds his seminars in many countries (including Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Holland, and many more). Over 800,000 people have attended his seminars. He has spoken at the Olympic stadiums in Moscow (in front of 35,000 people) and Kiev.

He has now compiled all of his know-how: he has developed a 7-year course that can teach you how you can effectively achieve financial freedom.

It is important to Bodo Schäfer that we are not only rich, but happy as well. All four L’s together enable us to be happy: love, life, learning, and our lifetime achievement.

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